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FAQ: Forum and members

1.2 - The rules of posting

New users aren't allowed to create new topics until they have reached either 100 posts or 50 community points or have been registered for more than 30 days. This is to ensure that everyone knows the following rules:

Refrain from using Caps Lock, unless you really need to shout something - a couple of words, maximum one sentence. Never write the whole topic title in uppercase!

While we understand that we can't ask people to write in pure academic english, there are still minimum requirements:
  • Start sentences and topic titles with capital letters.
  • Don't use 'fast-typing' substitutes as '2' (to), '4' (for), 'u' (you) and the likes.
  • Check your message for mistakes before submitting it.

This is not the place to spam and post nonsense. Before posting a new message think if it's worth posting at all.

We do not condone "spamming", and this can include everything we judge inappropriate and for the most part it has to do with using a bit of common sense.

For instance:
  • Don't go bashing bands (or any other subject for that matter) you don't like unless you really have something of worth to say.
    Replying with a phrase like "it sucks" without backing it up with some argument is totally useless and will only offend people.

  • Try to always give detailed opinions, with explanations and as much as information as needed.
    Short posting, including stuff in the vein of "SLAYER SLAYS!!!" and posting nothing but smilies is often considered spamming.
    Remember that what you post should be worth it!

  • Try to stay on-topic - if you want to discuss something unrelated, open a new thread for it.
    Turning off-topic in a serious discussion serves no good to the quality of the forums.

Also, when creating new threads, please bear in mind the following:
  • Use the forum search before posting a thread about some band.
    There's a good chance that there already is a similar thread, and there's no need for a second one.

  • Name your topics according to their content.
    If you're writing about some particular subject, try to reflect it in your topic title as clear as possible.
    Titles like "Check this out!" are no good.

Please refrain from using pictures to illustrate a point (memes) unless that point is clearly depicted by that picture. Especially we won't allow memes without any written text. If you feel that a picture can contribute to the topic in a funny or informative way, please add some lines to it, explaining your point. Posts not adhering to this will be deleted without warning. As will posts with multiple memes.

When quoting other users, please delete any nested quotes (quotes within quotes) you don't want to comment on. If you feel you need to post a nested quote, please see to it that it doesn't go above four layers of nesting. When quoting posts containing images or videos, please remove all images and videos in your quote unless you are directly referring to the image or video. In these cases, please avoid quoting more than one item at once.

That being said, you should have no problem if you make use of a little common sense. Should you have any question, please send a private message to one of the guys in the moderation team before you do something that we may deem as wrong.