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FAQ: Contributions

4.7 - Submitting albums

What can be added
- Only official album releases are accepted, no bootlegs.
- Only releases with a title and full release date are accepted (working title is OK too).
- TBA albums are not allowed !!! (read HERE)
- We also don't feature re-releases or remasters - however, we do feature re-recordings. Any and all info regarding re-releases and remasters is to be added to the "Additional info" field of the original album. Leaving a comment with reasons for adding/modifying album information (and providing an official source) greatly increases the chance of your edit being accepted by the Staff.

Release type
Most of them are self-explanatory, however, there are a few tricky ones.

- Single - usually very short, containing 1-4 songs. Most commonly has the same name as the main song. Besides 1 or 2 main songs it usually contains unreleased tracks, covers, demos, live and alternative versions.

- EP - normally has the same content as a studio album would, differs mostly in length (longer than a single but not enough for a regular album). In a lot of cases contains new material, not available anywhere else, sometimes with a few bonuses thrown in (live tracks, alternative versions).

- VA - Various Artists. Compilation CDs with over 4 different artists on them. Artists should be then listed in the tracklist, ex: "# Iron Maiden - The Trooper".

Release date
Although albums can have several release dates for different parts of the world, we use only the very first one. Other dates can be added in the "Additional info" box.

Splits and VA
Some CDs have more than one artist on them. Use the bands dropdown to add all featured bands to the album - the album will then appear in each one's discography. In the tracklist, either break songs intro groups (if each artist has several songs) with artist name and tracks listed below, or put artist name before each song (if each has only one song) - ex: "# Iron Maiden - The Trooper".

Please refer to the working with images section.

Tracklists are tricky, so please pay close attention! First of all, make sure you've seen and understood the tracklist code (if you haven't, click on "Tracklist code and instructions" below the tracklist box). Use the preview button to see the end result. Here are some of the most common mistakes:

- ALL song titles (regardless of language) must have the first letter capitalized! Every Word Must Be Capitalized.

- All brackets in song titles must be in (parentheses). All tags and any additional information that is not part of the song's title must be in [square brackets].

- Information in square brackets should be in lower case, except names and titles.

- For multi-CD releases, make sure that the [disc] tag is used properly. If there's a bonus CD on the limited edition, also put the [disc] tag in front of the original CD, otherwise it will designate the bonus CD as disk 1.

- Don't use such tags as [instrumental] or [non-album track]. However, if it's the instrumental version of a song, use the [v: instrumental] tag.

- Never add track length.

- Use '+' instead of '#' to mark additonal multimedia content - video track on an audio CD, wallpapers, images galleries and so on.