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FAQ: Featured bands

3.1 - Why is this band not featured? How do I add a band?

As much as we'd like to, we can't feature every metal band here, even every good one; there are simply way too many of them. If there is a band that you want to see on Metal Storm but isn't, you can suggest that the band be added. Although we are often adding bands to the database ourselves on our own schedule, we will refer to the suggestions list to see what other artists our users are interested in having featured.

Please be aware that Metal Storm's staff has neither the time nor the resources to heed every suggestion; everything that happens on Metal Storm is done by a small group of volunteer contributors in their spare time, and that means we probably won't act on your suggestion right away. It also means that we will prioritize suggestions from users whom we see are active in the database and in the forums, because we want to count on people engaging with the profiles that they have asked us to add to the site. If we've taken the time to add a band, it's because we expect that this was a good investment of our energy based on what our users wanted, so if we see that you're suggesting bands and then leaving us to do all the work, or if you're not actually interested in the bands we've added at your recommendation, we may be discouraged from taking your suggestions in the future.

In short, if you suggest a band, please be prepared to fill out all of the essential information to complete the profile - we could use your help in the database. You may also consider focusing on suggestions for bands that you actually like; that's the best way to ensure that people pay attention to the new stuff that gets added.

If you see an inactive or invisible band profile, you can submit all the information needed (all band members past and present, full discography [this includes demos, singles, etc.], and all other essential information) and request that the band be activated either by clicking the "Request Activation" button that appears in the red header or by PMing a staff member. We'll check to see whether everything is present. If so, and if we agree that the band's profile should be active, then we will activate it.

Keep in mind that we have certain standards for inclusion. Naturally, bands must be metal to be featured on Metal Storm - we do make exceptions for nonmetal or borderline metal acts under certain circumstances, but these decisions are up to the staff and as a rule we will not accept suggestions for hardcore, blues, rock, noise, etc. artists. Likewise, we accept only bands that have released at least one full-length album; the exceptions you see on the site are the result of staff prerogative.

NOTE: Metal Storm does not feature bands that are known to have NS content or that are otherwise in violation of our standards. If you notice that a band is not featured, it is possible that we have intentionally omitted them for this reason; keep in mind that if you suggest such a band, we will remove the suggestion or, should we unknowingly add the profile, later delete the band from the database. In general, it is a good idea to check the list of blacklisted bands on the Suggestions page before suggesting a band - we might have already explained that band's absence.