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FAQ: Forum and members

1.5 - Using the Shoutbox

The shoutbox offers a more direct way to communicate with other members from the site. Here are some useful things to know about using the shoutbox:

- As mentioned in the rules of Metal Storm, you should respect the others - site members but also bands, labels, etc.
- Don't go shouting "This band sucks/rocks!" without any reason or context.
- When posting links, also take the time to drop a line about its content.
- Also, as mentioned in our global rules, avoid posting links to pornographic, nude, gore or discriminatory material.
- Don't flood the shoutbox with nonsense shouts.

Inappropriate shouts can be removed at any time and can lead to sanctions.

The shoutbox is not meant to be as tightly moderated as our forums, since there's no real topic. A minimum use of common sense is all you need to fully enjoy it.