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FAQ: Contributions

4.1 - I want to help, how can I contribute to the site?

There are many ways:

Forum reports
If someone violates site policies, if a new topic is utterly stupid and pointless, if something is generally wrong with a topic - use the Report to Mods button. The forum is huge, and Moderators can't possibly check every thread and every message. This would help us to keep the forum clean.

Edit bands and albums
You can edit details of the featured bands, add and edit albums, lyrics, videos, trivia and other related stuff. Go to the band pages and you should find the links easily. You have to be logged in to do that.

Add news and events
You can submit news and metal-related events, such as concerts, tours and festivals.

Write reviews, articles and concert reviews
You can now submit reviews for any featured album, by going to the album page and clicking 'Add review'. To submit an article or a concert review, go here. Please consult the rules and guidelines for submitting reviews and articles first.

Moreover, please never contact a band or a label on behalf of Metal Storm; you could get into serious trouble if you do so. For instance, we won't accept unapproved interviews.

If you have a great idea for the site improvement, you can post it on General website forum, or send an e-mail/PM to corrupt.

We welcome any submissions. You can help us expand the site and keep the featured information correct and up-to-date.